What about something more substantial than sushi? There are two restaurants I would recommend. One of them is Hoku's, which is, I think, the signature restaurant at the Kahala Mandarin Hotel. The hotel has changed ownership, actually, so it may just be called the Kahala now. Hoku's is incredible, consistently amazing. It has a menu that is very, very diverse. It has really interesting combinations. You can't really pinpoint it to one place or culture, but it's really amazing.

That's right on the water, isn't it? Yeah. I think it's the nicest hotel on the island, just because it's a little older and has some character. It's classy. It has been around for a while, and it's beautiful, with its dolphin pools and fish pools and all that. Hoku's is situated so that you can look out over the ocean. It has an amazing ambience. A lot of wood, but, facing the water, all glass.

There is also an Italian restaurant in Kailua that my wife and I go to all the time. My wife is Italian, so we are always trying to find good Italian restaurants. This place is called Baci Bistro. It has indoor and outdoor seating. It has a pretty good wine list, and the food is consistently good. They have great steak there.

Do you feel like it's similar to Italian restaurants everywhere else, or do you know you are in Hawaii when you're in an Italian restaurant there? They have a lot of fish. Anywhere you go in Hawaii, you are going to get more fish on the menu than you might at an Italian restaurant somewhere else. Other than that, it feels like an Italian restaurant to me. Those would be the two restaurants I would recommend - and the sushi place makes three. Those are all the things that I would need: coffee, juice, the two restaurants, and a sushi joint. Well, there's another place in Honolulu, called Town. I was really impressed by it. It's a relatively new restaurant. The menu changes every day, apparently. They have a cool menu and cool combinations of things. A lot of their food is organic, and it's really hip. That would be something I would recommend as well.