What did Sarah think of it at first? The first thing we did was have breakfast somewhere. She was crazy for the tea. They have these huge breakfasts there. They call it a fry, and it includes bacon, a fried egg - basically a basted fried egg - and usually a sausage and some baked beans. That's a traditional Irish breakfast, which Sarah happened to love. It's just the kind of place she likes. She loves having tea and biscuits and sitting by a fire. It's kind of a cozy type of lifestyle. I think we had breakfast right in the Dublin airport, in this place called Bewley's, which is a little bit of a chain. In Dublin, if you want really good old-­fashioned tea and coffee and foods like that, you'll want to go to Bewley's. There is one in the airport and then there is one that is really pretty on Grafton Street.

Yeah. You fall asleep in the car, hopefully. Then when you get up, your eyes pop out of your head. You can't believe how pretty it is. Sarah just really­ loved it; she was really thrilled. She ­really took to the people. Now, we have come back with our little boy, too, which has been really fun because the people there are very kid-friendly. They like having children over, and there are a lot of little children on our road. James just turned three, and he's been there twice. He has a picture in his room of the house, which he calls the "cozy cottage." He constantly wants to go there. Partly because when we are there, we are not working, and it's just the whole family at home all the time. For him, that was really great. He also likes our car there. There are all these neighbors who come and play with him. There are huge fields to run around. There are sheep everywhere, and he likes to look at them. Horses walk by. It's kind of a paradise for a little kid. Anything wild, funny, or interesting happen to you there when you were younger? I borrowed a cat when I was about 10 years old. We had mice in Ireland, and I borrowed a friend's cat to put in the house a while and kill the mice, but the cat hid behind the curtain in terror basically the whole time. He never got any mice; he was useless. I took the cat to bring it back. I was carrying it up the road and this huge German shepherd ran out of a house and, seeing this cat in my arms, leaped on me and bit me on the hand. I just threw the cat into a bush. The cat did eventually get home, but I lost the cat and had a cut on my hand. But I didn't tell anybody. I told my parents that I cut my hand on a fence. The next morning, the postman came to our house we were renting and said, "I hear Joe Bresland's German shepherd bit you in the hand." My parents then found out the whole story. That's what a small town it is. You can't hide anything.

He said …
Where matthew broderick rolls among ireland's green hills

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