La, La, La, La

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Karaoke Revolution ($40 or $70 with headset) turns yourPlayStation 2 into a karaoke machine. Gamers sing into a headsetinstead of using a controller and are graded on their pitch,rhythm, and accuracy while performing 35 pop and classic karaoketunes. Available at video game outlets nationwide.

Time Transfer

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The fully functional Edge DiskGO! USB Watch Drive fromPeripheral comes equipped with a USB 1.1 Flash Drive, allowing itswearer to plug into almost any computer for the easy transfer andstorage of all file types. Available in 128MB ($90) and 256MB($140) (with 1MB write speed and 4.2 MB read speed), there hasnever been an easier - or sleeker - way to trade

The Bronzed Paw

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Give the pet lover on your list the bronze baby bootie of the petworld. The Paws of Endearment kit ($30) is a user-friendly moldthat you press your pet's paw (or claw) in, let dry overnight, andsend back to the company for processing. The paw print is cast andmounted on a plaque with an accompanying pet photo. Engraving isalso available. www.paws

Handy Cam