Spas Go Uniquely Unisex with a Trio of Treatments

Who says spa treatments are all rose petals and froufrou? The latest body services address real-world rituals:

Food: Strip down to your Stetson for the Texas Style Barbecue Experience at The Spa at The Crescent in the Hotel Crescent Court in Dallas, a member of the well-bred Rosewood Hotels & Resorts family. The 50-minute exfoliator/hydrator slathers on an invigorating pineapple “marinade,” bathes you in a vitamin-rich tomato-citrus-honey wrap (applied with a barbecue brush, but of course), and coats with a lime margarita moisturizer. This one’s a real stick-to-your-ribs rubdown. $95. (214) 871-3232, www.crescentcourt.com

Drink: Next time you’re in Vegas, break from the gaming tables and climb atop a massage table at the MGM Grand Spa for a 30-minute Body Cocktail Scrub. Choose from the nonalcoholic piña colada, Kahlua cream, peach daiquiri, and margarita salt scrubs — each designed to exfoliate and remove toxins (perhaps imbibed the night before?). $50. (702) 891-3077, www.mgmgrand.com/lv

Work: Transform your stiff computer-jockey posture into after-hours jello via the Massage.com at California’s The Oaks at Ojai. The 50-minute massage works upper and lower back, shoulders, neck, and arms — all the keyboard- and CRT-enslaved parts. $65. (800) 753-6257, www.oaksspa.com