Men are finally catching on to something that women have known for a long time: A trip to the spa is not merely a frivolous indulgence, but a way to unwind and recharge. The treatment that’s the most requested? The massage, of course. However, according to a survey for Hyatt Resorts, post-rubdown, men want the focus to be on their soles, with soothing reflexology treatments to the feet — and 25 percent have even received a spa pedicure. When quizzed on whom they’d most like to have a couple’s massage with, the majority of both men and women agreed on their significant other, although a few celebrities were worthy companions, too. On the women’s side, 13.2 percent opted for George Clooney, and 5.2 percent for Brad Pitt, while Halle Berry tempted 13.7 percent of the men, and Nicole Kidman won almost 12 percent.