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Marty Sedlacek
is this issue's winner of our Favorite Letter Giveaway. Want a chance to win something? Write us a letter!
In our June 15 issue, Marty Sedlacek wrote to us about his Sudoku addiction, a confession that made him the winner of our Favorite Letter Giveaway. Marty's going to get a pair of Sennheiser PXC 300 travel headphones (www.sennheiserusa.com), which reduce unwanted background noise by up to 80 percent and will give him all the peace he needs to concentrate on Sudoku. Want to win something yourself? Drop us a line sometime.

I'm an old-time American Airlines traveler who often looks for diversions aloft. American Way provides just what I'm looking for. American Way is a really interesting, well-put-together magazine. Thanks so much for providing me this pleasure while I fly.

Joanna Bull, New York, New York

DEAR JOANNA: We're so glad you find us so appealing. Thanks to you for providing us with the motivation to keep putting out the best publication we can.

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The May 15 issue of American Way was fantastic! I soaked up article after article. I've never been so intrigued by an airline magazine. For example: