"If I could have only one meal in Vegas, it would be the weekend brunch buffet at The Hollywood Brown Derby in the MGM Grand Hotel. There's a brunch at Bellagio that's very good, too, but The Brown Derby buffet was the first one I went to on a regular basis. It starts at 9 and goes until about 2:30. It's one of the few brunches I'll ever stand in line for because I know it's worth it. They really lay it on - all you can eat for hours. I can't remember a better one with more quality stuff and a very reasonable price."

"The Strip is the obvious place. But what's interesting is the way they've covered up the stretch around the Golden Nugget with a canopy [a 90-foot-high covering called the Fremont Street Experience]. It stretches for blocks over the entrances of most of the downtown casinos. During the day, the best thing about it is the shade. When you come out of a casino in the daytime, you're blinded by the sun, and the canopy takes the heat off a bit. At night, it turns into an overhead light show."

"My gambling fantasy would be to sit in front of the largest progressive poker slot machine and play it until they came to get me from The West Wing to do a scene. It's mesmerizing, such a sense of absolute utter fantasy. I'd do it at the MGM, the Bellagio, or the Riviera. I just become a little boy again. I know I'm never gonna win a nickel, but I'll sit for hours and just not think about anything else in the world. What I like about the poker slots is that it's not just pulling the lever or pushing the button. It's something that you have a choice in. As long as you're not trying to win your house payment, or risk it, it's great fun. I hate to see people who come to Vegas thinking they're going to have a life-changing experience financially. You simply have to think of it as an adult playground."

"If you can stand the heat, golf is great in Las Vegas. The Bellagio has Shadow Creek, but it's by invitation only unless you're a special guest at the hotel. The Rio has the Rio Secco Golf Course, which is relatively new. And Butch Harmon, one of my heroes, has the Butch Harmon School of Golf in Henderson, a bedroom community southeast of Las Vegas. Tiger Woods does a lot of his work with Butch Harmon when he's in Vegas. But in the summer, it's hard to do anything except jump in a pool. I love the pool at The Mirage, where you walk under a waterfall. It's like a cool breeze, a real oasis."

"Hoover Dam is a must, one of the most spectacular sights, and the state's number-one tourist attraction. I saw a documentary on the making of it recently. I couldn't believe the proportion of what they did there. It's like they changed the course of nature."

"The Top of the World atop the Stratosphere Tower is a nice restaurant with good food, but you go for the view. Ristorante Italiano at the Riviera has an authentic Italian feel. Wolfgang Puck has several restaurants in Las Vegas, including Postrio, at the Venetian. Get the 24-ounce grilled bone-in rib-eye steak with Yukon gold potato gratin. Another place for a view with your dinner is the Eiffel Tower restaurant at the Paris hotel. It features updated classic French food. For steak, go to Kristofer's Steak House at the Riviera."