You should also have candidates fill out an employment application, which can be bought off the shelf. They ask direct questions such as “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” Hofman recommends personality tests. “There are a whole slew of written personality tests, or you can use web-based products,” he says. “It tells you kind of what their mindset and skills are. Certainly, a growing number of companies have invested in these systems.”

Experts note that the main hiring concerns are skills and qualifications, so it’s easy for ethics to take a backseat. A formal hiring process, including background checks and a separate ethics interview, can keep it in the forefront. “The most important tip is for this issue to be top-of-mind to any HR executive, and to put in place a process,” says Clayton.

“Everybody would like to complete the hire as quickly as possible,” adds Hofman. “But to make sure you get someone who is both appropriate for the job and has [an] ethical background, you have to be rigorous in your screening. Just make sure that if you’re in a rush, you take the 10 steps you’ve set up and do them quickly, but don’t cut corners.” Because if you don’t cover all your bases, it could not only crush your company, but your own career as well.