WHO Marnie Anderson
COMPANY Stratford Internet Technologies Inc.
AGE 35
EMAIL Marnie Anderson
HAS HELD TITLE FOR More than one year
PREVIOUS TITLE Internet marketing strategist

Successful businesses don’t hatch from nothing. In today’s marketplace, you need to nurture all of your eggs if you want to turn them into viable, living-and-breathing enterprises. At Stratford Internet Technologies, a digital-solutions company, Marnie Anderson leads the company’s “e-cubation” process.

What does it take to e-cubate? It’s no longer just a matter of growing purely Internet businesses. A major part of my job is evangelizing the Internet’s strengths to people who still use the Web just for brochureware.

How do you hatch a good idea?
I’ve found that putting a multidisciplinary team together works best. The collective wisdom of people who understand the Internet — but come from totally different backgrounds — is great for pressure-testing an idea.

The e-world has sobered up. How do you deal with market fluctuations?
I’m happy that people are paying attention to business tenets again. Sure, it was fun for all of these dotcoms to come up with crazy names for their companies, but the market correction was a much needed sanity check.