"The first one I got I did myself with India ink. It was on my leg here. [He pulls up his pant leg.] I got it covered up with this stupid cartoon character because it was the only thing I could cover it up with. Sylvester the Cat. But I had like a shamrock with a club. … Of course, I had to hide that from my mother until I was 18. I got it when I was like 13. This one [the rosary beads around his neck] I got when I was 22. I always wore rosary beads, and they were always getting broken, and I was losing them. So I said, you know what? I want to get it done. I had to drink a lot of beer before I got in the chair at Tattoo Fever, because it's extremely painful right here, especially over your collarbone and down the center of the chest. I was supposed to get one tattoo, and I ended up getting three. I got Bob Marley and then I got my parents' initials. Then I found out five months later that the same guy, my friend Mike, gave my mother a tattoo. My mother has a little teeny tattoo on the small of her back. She got it done like at 60 years old. I am like, 'What are you doing? It's a little late to start trying to be a rebel.' But she wanted to get it done, and Mike was like, 'Please, don't tell Mark that I did it.' He was scared that I was going to be really upset. But she's a grown woman."


"Go to church. I grew up going to St. Williams, but now I go to St. Edwards in Brockton, because that's where Father Flavin is. It's a gorgeous, gorgeous service. There are just a lot of wonderful, God-loving people there, and the energy, you feel it. Father Flavin is amazing. He's loved by everybody."

"There are lots of great courses in Braintree, all along the South Shore. The Presidents Golf Course in North Quincy is nice. Braintree Golf Course is nice. There are some nice public courses out there. The Sheraton in Danvers has a great golf course [Ferncroft]. I stayed there part of the time I was doing The Perfect Storm."