"I have an early dinner at my mother's house because I like to eat, and she eats early. So she'll make one of my favorites because I'm not home that much and she likes to spoil me. Then I'll end up going for dinner again at 10 or 10:30 at the Atlantic Fish Co. or The Capital Grille. If I have pasta early, then maybe I'll have steak at night and get a beautiful bottle of wine. I'd get something nice, something expensive. Chateau Latour. The last time I went, me and Father Flavin, my parish priest, had a bottle of '82. We grew up together. He's a little bit older than me, but he was the one that kind of got me on the straight and narrow, and he was always there for me. My brother, Paul, is the executive chef of Bridgeman's in Hull. It's right on the water on Nantasket Beach. It's got a great wine list."

"I'd probably go to Venu. A friend of mine is a DJ there, a kid that I grew up with. I ask them not to [announce that I'm there]. You know, 'We've got a movie star in the house who claims he's from Boston, but he's not from Boston anymore. He's from Hollywood.' They like to bust my chops. Or they'll play my old song, 'Good Vibrations,' or one of the songs that I sang in my early days. It goes with the territory. People are tough on you, but it's just tough love."