"Plymouth has one of my 10 favorite restaurants in the world, a place called the Colonial. It's a little mom-and-pop place that has the best fish, the best of everything. It's always packed, and you have to wait for a table. I get baked haddock or grilled haddock or broiled haddock with mashed potatoes. It takes me probably 40 minutes to drive from my mother's house to Plymouth, and when I'm home, I probably go three or four times a week. In Boston, I'd go to The Palm or Legal Sea Foods, where you can always get a decent piece of fish. You can't get haddock anywhere but New England, or I have never seen a piece of haddock on a menu anywhere else. I'll have it any way - fried, baked, broiled. But the best haddock is at Colonial, and then I'd say Atlantic Fish Co. second."

"My friend owns a store on Newbury Street called House of Culture. He used to be a stylist for me when I was in the music business. He goes to London and New York and Paris, and he gets all the stuff that you can't get around here. He has very casual stuff and athletic wear, but also suits. Newbury Street is the SoHo of Boston. That's where all the upscale shops are. Northside Family Sportswear is where we used to go as kids and look in the window at all the stuff that we couldn't have, the Nikes and the sweat suits, and everything that was new and cool that we couldn't afford. So I'll go in there and buy stuff that I don't need just because I couldn't as a kid. But now I'm not doing that as much anymore."

"There are some great parks like the Boston Commons. You can go to the Boston Public Garden and they have swan boats and just beautiful lush greens where you can play football and Frisbee like in Central Park. The Children's Museum is great. It's right there in downtown Boston, actually near where the Boston Tea Party took place. And the aquarium is incredible. I used to love going there as a kid."