"I usually end up flying to New York and then driving to Boston, and the first thing I do is go to this little place called Nick's, eat some breakfast, then go home to my mother. Nick's is in Weymouth and it's amazing. It's open seven days a week - a very, very small place. It's the best breakfast I have ever had. Afterward, I visit my mom and try to sleep until my niece and nephew start jumping on me."

"Faneuil Hall is the big outdoor marketplace where they have all these really cool shops. It's a popular place for tourists. I used to work at [the now closed] Bailey's Ice Cream in Faneuil Hall. I got fired after three months. I remember eating so much ice cream and feeling sick to my stomach, so I just went in the back and laid down. Probably three or four hours later, the assistant manager came back and fired me. Fantastic ice cream. But too much of anything isn't good for you."

"You can't go to Boston without going to a Red Sox game in the summer. Fenway is an amazing ballpark. To me, Boston has a lot of historical sights and a lot of history, but Fenway Park is where Bill Buckner missed that ground ball. You know, it's got this curse. Yet to me it's one of the most exciting places to watch a game. It's a small field, but with the Green Monster [the left field wall], it's still a tough field to play."

"I visit the town of Plymouth often. I tend to go down there to the gym, but I'll go down to Plymouth Rock. I don't know if it's the original rock. I mean, people say that. It's just at the edge of the water, where they say they landed. The whole town is amazing."