"I can stay at my mom's again because my days of going out and having fun are pretty much over. But Fifteen Beacon is an amazing new hotel. It's right downtown in Beacon Hill. It's got a great restaurant … with great steaks, fantastic wine list. The hotel rooms are huge. They have some suites that have a living room and dining room. It's a really nice hotel. Then there's a Marriott, near Braintree, that's really close to my mom's house. Growing up in Dor-chester, we thought Braintree was like Beverly Hills, because it's all like one-family houses. Some people have yards, and some people have pools. It's about 45 minutes outside of the city. It's just like a small town."

"Every time I go back to Boston, I want to eat seafood. But my mom eats it so often, she usually wants to go to like The Capital Grille [steakhouse]. There's a great Italian restaurant in Dorchester called Nanina's. Oh, it's fantastic. If we had money or if my dad hit the number or won some money at the track, we'd go to Nanina's. In Boston, I like Jimmy's Harborside, a seafood place, and An-thony's Pier Four is famous. I also like the Atlantic Fish Co. on Boylston Street. It's great for me because not a lot of people recognize me. But the people who work there know me, so I can kind of squeeze in and get a table without having a reservation, which is nearly impossible. So there are a few upsides to being famous."

"There is some great nightlife in Boston. Aria is a great club. It's just the music, the crowd. And they have different rooms. Boston is such a great party town, because it's one of the biggest school towns in the country. If the Celtics win, you see a lot of players out at places like Aria. If they lose, of course, they are nowhere to be seen, because Boston sports fans aren't that forgiving."