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Mark Feuerstein practices high-maintenance medicine on his hit show, Royal Pains.

Hampton Hot Spots
Dr. Hank Lawson spends a lot of time in the Hamptons, and therefore, so does the man who plays him. Here are some of Mark Feuerstein’s favorite eateries in the area.

• Almond
1 Ocean Road (at the corner of Main St.), Bridgehampton
(631) 537-8885
“The freshest fish, delicious steak-frites, luscious French onion soup.”

• Scoop Du Jour
37 Main St., East Hampton
(631) 329-4883
“The best doughnuts in Long Island and amazing ice cream.”

• Gosman’s Restaurant
End of West Lake Drive, Montauk
(631) 668-5330
“Get there before the sun has set, and watch the fishing boats come in.”

• Nick & Toni’s
136 N. Main St., East Hampton
(631) 324-3550
“The wait here is worth it. Everything is delish.”
As Hank Lawson, concierge doctor to the rich on USA’s Royal Pains, Mark Feuerstein plays a smart, down-to-earth man about town. Judging from his real-life quick wit and his obvious appreciation for his family and good fortune, Feuerstein isn’t much different from his character. As Royal Pains gets set to return next month for a third season, we caught up with Feuerstein, 39, about the show and the challenges of being bicoastal.

American Way: The show is a big hit. What resonates so much with viewers?
Mark Feuerstein: People like to escape, and we’ve provided the most luxurious world to escape into. My character is the eyes into that world, but he’s not of that world. He’s a positive influence on it.

AW: Do you shoot in the ritziest of places?
MF: We actually shoot mostly up and down the Long Island Expressway, from exits 25 to 50 [west of the Hamptons]. I always laugh when people think they know where we shot. Like, “Oh, I love that fish place in Amagansett,” and I’m like, “No, we shot it in Jones Beach, and our art department rocked it.”

AW: What trouble is the Lawson clan getting into next?
MF: I actually don’t know much yet. But we’re shooting part of the season in Florida, so I have made the not-that-brilliant conclusion that we are going down to pick my dad, the fantastic Henry Winkler, up from jail.

AW: Your family is based in L.A. How do you juggle everything?
MF: Last season, I flew New York to L.A. and back 16 times. This year, my wife is bringing my three rug rats back east. While I “save lives,” they’ll be building sand castles. It will be so great to finish the day and see those gorgeous, sun-kissed faces waiting for me.