Anything actually in Manhattan? A few years ago, Peter introduced me to the wonder that is the DeWitt Wallace Periodical Room at the New York Public Library. It's not as crowded as the main room; and it has the most amazing paintings of New York City buildings and a gorgeous view of Fifth Avenue. We are also fruit and vegetable freaks. We try to go to the Tompkins Square Greenmarket every Sunday morning to load up on fresh, organic goodies that are locally grown. The market also has beautiful flowers and yummy baked goods. In the fall, I love buying hot cider to warm my tummy while I shop.

Speaking of shopping, which shops are intimately familiar with your credit card numbers? Barneys is my favorite place. I don't care where I am in the world, I shop at Barneys. Everything is so beautiful. Another favorite of mine is a store called Tory Burch. They have summer things, and it always reminds me of California vacations. It makes me feel happy, because when I'm in New York and get really depressed about the weather, I go in there. They have such amazing patterns and fun pinks and oranges, and it reminds me of home. I buy a lot of vacation clothes there. And I do a lot of shopping on the street. That's the thing about New York: There are always little jewels everywhere here. You walk around the street, and you find such great bargains everywhere. Barneys is one side of me, but then I have my bohemian on-the-street stuff. That's all over the city.

If the pipes burst in your apartment, what's the first hotel you'd go to? The Four Seasons. I was living on Waverly Place and I had a five a.m. call. I had no idea about the Halloween parade in New York. It's insane. It's like Mardi Gras. The whole city shuts down, and I was having a nervous breakdown because I had all of these early calls and I hadn't slept. I was really overwhelmed with the show. I checked myself right into the Four Seasons.

If that's sold out, where would you go? Well, now I just come here, to the Soho Grand. It's so close to my house. I always have people stay at this hotel. You have every fun restaurant nearby. The best shopping in all of New York is here. It's groovy, cool, and low-key. If you're an actor, nobody bothers you.

Where do you go in the city when you want to pretend you're not surrounded by millions of people and skyscrapers? I go to Bliss Spa, because I don't feel like I'm in the middle of New York City when I'm there, and the spa is amazing. It transports me to another place. Utter relaxation. The massage therapists and aestheticians are really fine at what they do.

Tell me a New York secret. People are really, really friendly. People here have a bad rap, but all you have to do is smile at them. One of the fun things about me is when I got here, everyone was like [dons hard New Yawk accent], "Hey, howya doin?" They have this thing going on - everyone thinks you are trying to take something from them. But I've had the best time cracking people. If you don't play that game, and you treat them with love and kindness, they just melt in your hand. I think there is more heart here than in any other city in the world.