OK, but how? "I'll say to a dishwasher, how's your family?" Cora says. "Why don't you bring them in for dinner tomorrow night, on us? And I'll offer them every opportunity to grow. Right now I'm teaching a dishwasher how to make pasta.

"Do these kinds of things and your people will be happier, and they will do very good work."
Hungry for more tips from today's kitchen stars? Here are second helpings:

Getting Passionate
"You have to really, really, really want to succeed at what you are doing. Life without passion is like pasta without sauce."
Nick Stellino (pictured above), host of the PBS series "Nick Stellino's Family Kitchen"

Job 1: Quality
"Here's what it takes to bring people with you: Put a good product in front of them. But you have to keep delivering that good product, night after night."
Dean Fearing, chef at The Mansion on Turtle Creek, Dallas, and one of the first celebrity chefs.

Flight Plans
"I plan my day when I'm flying. On a plane is the best place to do this thinking - no interruptions - and to advance in any business, you have to know your priorities and organize your days."
Jean Joho, chef/owner of four-star Everest, Chicago; Eiffel Tower, Las Vegas; Brasserie Jo, Chicago and Boston