>8 AWKWARD CHAIRS From a standing-straight position, squat down like you are about to sit on a chair. Lift your arms up over your head and hold for 15 seconds. Then return to a standing position, squeezing your buttocks as you come up and lowering your arms to your sides. Repeat eight times. Your quadriceps should begin to burn by the fourth or fifth repetition.


Two more to try:


>AN EXERCISE FOR WHEN YOU'RE WAITING FOR YOUR LUGGAGE Lean with your back straight against a wall and your heels about one foot from the wall. Slide down the wall, with your back still touching it, until you are in a seated position. (Your knees should be over your toes.) Hold this position for 30 seconds or for one minute if you are strong enough. This works your buttocks and quadriceps. Repeat five times.