>15 COFFEE TABLES (FOR THE TRICEPS) Find a sturdy coffee table in your hotel room. If there isn't one, use the edge of your bed. Sit on the edge of the table (or bed). Place your palms down, next to your hips. Extend your heels out in front of you to support your body. Holding on to the coffee table, lower your body to three inches above the floor. Now push yourself back up to the starting position. Repeat 15 times.


>15 BICEPS CURLS Place the middle of a resistance band under both feet. Stand with your feet fl at on the floor and six inches apart. Hold the ends of the resistance band, one in each hand. Holding your elbows by your side at your waist and with your palms facing up, raise your hands to your shoulders. Hold for four seconds and then lower the band slowly. Repeat 15 times.


>10 TO 15 PUSH-UPS

>10 TRICEPS EXTENSIONS Sit and place the middle of the resistance band under your buttocks. Hold the ends of the resistance band, one in each hand, and pull your hands up to your ears, elbows pointed out in front of you. Extend both arms over your head and hold for five seconds. Lower the band slowly, returning hands to ear level. Repeat 10 times.