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When it comes time for healthy food, the Red Sox turn to Boston caterer Maggie Melanson, owner of Gimme the Skinny. Once 50 pounds heavier, this fitness aficionado has kept the weight off - and her energy soaring - through a sensible diet, a positive attitude, and lots of unconventional exercise. Her new book, Fly Fit ($11, HRD Press), chronicles her tips for travel fitness. She shares some secrets with us. - B.H.

Try a few different workouts at home to find out what you love. Do you want to walk in a new city? Swim in the hotel pool? Work out in your room?

Drink a lot of water before, during, and after your flight. It keeps your mind sharp, your body hydrated, and your blood flowing.

Delayed flight? Don't grumble - see it as an opportunity. Don't be afraid to take off your jacket, sit on the floor, and do some yoga stretches, or to go and climb the stairs. Also, walk and use a cart for your carry-on bags; that will allow you to burn more calories.