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It’s as important to protect your eyes from UV damage as it is to protect your skin, yet less than two-thirds of the people surveyed by N3L Optics wear eye protection consistently while outdoors. This is something the eyewear company, a joint venture from Oakley and Luxottica, aims to change. With more than 900 frames from high-style performance brands like Prada, Ray-Ban, Persol, Mosley Tribes and Oakley, it offers the best options out there for specific outdoor activities as well as everyday wear. The store’s gurus, aka “Gearus,” help you choose the right frames, fit you and then offer cleaning and tuneups whenever you visit any of the store’s locations in Texas, Florida, Arizona, California, Colorado or Utah. If visiting a store isn’t convenient for you, just follow these simple rules when you’re choosing sunglasses: Polarized lenses are great for activities that require glare reduction, especially water sports; different color lenses work for different sports (for example, golfers should choose amber, brown or rose tints to enhance depth perception); polycarbonate lenses filter out 100 percent of UV light and are impact- and shatter-resistant; and, finally, bigger is better — wrap lenses block light and wind coming from the sides.