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James Dittiger/FOX

The former Lost star finds himself haunted by the unexplainable on Fox's Alcatraz, debuting this month. We asked the 38-year-old to spill on his new show, Spanglish and singing with Weezer.

On filming the show: "We shot two days on Alcatraz. It was cool; we had access to places other people aren’t allowed to go."

To read Jorge Garcia’s blog (and to see pictures of his dogs), visit: furtherdispatches.wordpress.com
On his love of history: "I love traveling to places with history. Seeing the Great Pyramid is probably number one on my travel list. I really want to go see the seven wonders of the world."

On his blog, "Further Dispatches": "It's really just a way to stay connected to the fans. I’ve been doing it since 2007, and it's just random things I find interesting. There are a lot of pictures of my dogs."

On being bilingual: "I just did my first movie in Spanish. It's called Maktub. It was really a challenge; I grew up with a really rough, Cuban-influenced Spanglish. So my best parts are clearly when I don’t open my mouth!"

On being a muse: "I met Rivers Cuomo from Weezer on Lopez Tonight last year, and he asked if he could take a photo with me. Two months later I get an email asking if I’d be interested in being their cover model for their album, which they called Hurley [after Garcia’s Lost character]. I ended up singing with the band a few times. It’s pretty surreal."