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Pasadena City College Flea Market
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Rite Aid
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Rose Bowl Flea Market
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ArcLight Hollywood
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Egyptian Theatre
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Grauman's Chinese Theatre
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Vista Theater
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The Formosa Cafe
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Trader Vic's
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Hollywood Walk of Fame
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Runyon Canyon
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Santa Monica bike paths

What are your favorite lunch places?
I love Hugo's on Santa Monica Boulevard. It's phenomenal. It's a teahouse and a place with delicious, delicious food. It has a very hearty menu, and it's very health conscious, but it doesn't taste health conscious. Between Hugo's and Fred 62, you can't go wrong. If anyone likes macrobiotics - M Café de Chaya on Melrose and La Brea is my favorite. For lunch in Beverly Hills, there is this place called the Grill on the Alley, and it's delicious. That's a very Hollywood scene, because all the agencies are right around there. So that's power-lunch city. But, you know what's a phenomenal place to have lunch and is also really fun to hang out at afterward? A place called Barney Greengrass at the top of Barneys New York. I sit outside, but I actually prefer the inside room. You can get the yummiest chicken noodle soup, salad - and they always have really good fresh specials, like fish. You make your way down the stairs and get some moisturizer and makeup and maybe score a Marc Jacobs T-shirt along the way, or a scarf or something. That's one of the things my girlfriends and I do a lot.

Where do you head to on a Friday night?
I love Fred 62. It's my favorite place to eat, and it's open 24 hours, which - especially in L.A., a town that shuts down too early - I love. They have a delicious menu. That's in Los Feliz. I still like to go to all the old movie houses, not multiplexes. There is a great one next door to Fred 62, called the Vista, and it always shows good movies. If people like quality multiplexes, there is one called the ArcLight that is the most incredible theater, and it has special shows where directors will come and talk about their movies. Of course, there is the Egyptian, and that is a great movie theater. My favorite thing to do is go to independent movie theaters and revival houses in Los Angeles. To me, that is a great Friday night. Go to Musso & Frank Grill for a martini and food, and walk across the street to the Egyptian.

Musso & Frank is, of course, the oldest restaurant in Hollywood. Did you go there as a kid?
I did, actually. It was kind of the same way it is now. My grandfather John ­Barrymore has pictures in there and stuff, so I always give him a kiss when I walk in. His star is right outside Musso & Frank. And Dolores [Costello Barrymore], my grandmother, is nearby, on Vine. I like walking around there, because I know that's where my family walked around and ate and had a drink. Musso & Frank makes the best Caesar salad. They make it right in front of you, and there is this one gentleman who makes a whole production out of it, and it's fun to watch. But it's great to sit at the counter there. I'm a big counter person, because I eat alone a lot, preferably so. Fred 62 has a counter, and Musso & Frank has a count­er. Five nights a week, I go to dinner with friends, but I like to carve out time for myself, when I can just sit and read and be sort of quiet and have a bite to eat. The Frolic Room is also a great bar right around there. It's very groovy, very, like, sort of '60s in a sort of decorative kind of way. If you are at Musso & Frank, do the Egyptian, and then go to the Frolic Room for a cocktail afterward. That, to me, is a perfect evening.

Whom do you see at Barney Greengrass?
Oh God, you will see everybody. Someone famous was in there, and they had so many paparazzi camped outside - I'd say about 20 to 25 - and you could see them from the restaurant windows if you looked down. They weren't after me, that's for sure. They didn't even know I was in there, because I always park underground. They had all ordered pizzas because they were there for so long. All these paparazzi had open boxes of pizza on the hoods of the customers' cars, just hanging out and eating with their ­cameras around their necks. I have to say it was quite a sight. I always have my camera, but I didn't that day, and I wanted to take their picture so badly. I take a lot of photographs of them, too, actually. I've sort of been trying to make a book of my photographs of them.