"The Ile Saint-Louis has the greatest ice-cream shop called Berthillon. Oh, my god, it's the best ice cream in Paris. We're used to Carvel and Häagen-Dazs pops and Mister Softee trucks; this is what the French are used to. You must take a walk around the Ile Saint-Louis. It's so old, you feel like you're in the 17th century. It's definitely a lovely walk. You're not too far from Notre Dame. I used to go to Patisserie Car-ette in the Place du Trocadéro, a tea place where I'd always see Catherine Deneuve. I didn't really know her. Now I do, but then I didn't. She would go to Patisserie Carette at tea time, 4 p.m., and I would love to have been able to say hello."

"Kinugawa is a great Japanese restaurant with the best sushi in Paris. Tong Yen is fabulous for Chinese. It's right off the Champs-Élysées. Typical Chinese with a very happy atmosphere and lots of great food. When I modeled, all my Swedish friends would go to the Maison du Caviar, which I liked a lot, too. I hate caviar, but they serve smoked salmon, so I was in luck. It was always fun. It's kind of sparse and modern. You know, smoked salmon, caviar, and good vodka."

"Les Bains is still a happening place. It's still hot and heavy, very intimate. It's got the best deejays. I've been there and danced until 4 or 5 in the morning. It doesn't really get going before midnight. You have dinner upstairs, then go downstairs to dance. Everybody goes there, from rock stars to tennis players to actors."