"My favorite museum is the Jeu de Paume [Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume]. I'd like to bring in a bed and a toothbrush and live there. It's just an eyeful. I also love the little Rodin museum [Musée Rodin] with the sculptures. It's on Rue de Varenne."

"One of my favorite lunch places is the Italian restaurant Stresa. Great Italian food. Great artichokes. And, of course, there's nothing like eating Italian food in Paris - all the fresh vegetables and fruits and great wine. I love it, love it, love it. I've seen Elton John, Alain Delon, lots of people at Stresa. There's also a nice little cafe near the Louvre pyramid. It's called Le Café Marly. It looks out over the pyramid. If you want something more substantial, go to Chez Georges. It's got a terrace and you can see all of Paris. It's very Zen-like to have lunch there."

"If I could buy only one thing in Paris it would be cheese. I love the vacherin cheese. It's just so smooth, like a brie, but a little more creamy. Of course, there's the infamous Rue des Rosiers, with all the open markets on Saturday and Sunday mornings, which is just delightful. I really lived there, so being able to go to Rue des Rosiers and do my shopping was always great fun. You'll find the open markets all over Paris. I love the big flea market, the Marche aux Puces, on the outskirts of town. For clothing, I liked Ventilo. Armand Ventilo is a great designer, very French. I loved his clothes - very simple with a touch of femininity. I also liked Joseph, which is not really French. It's English, but it's a great place to shop."