"I was never a big chichi restaurant person. I like to go where there is a little action or excitement. I love La Coupole and Brasserie Lipp, two of the oldest brasseries in Paris. Lipp is a very Parisian restaurant where lots of political and intellectual people go … with their dogs. It's old and quaint, and most of the waiters are as old as the building. I love La Coupole because you get to see all of Paris. It's exciting to walk down the long aisles of tables to get to your seat.

L'Orangerie is a beautiful eatery on the Ile Saint-Louis. It's absolutely charming and lovely, the most romantic restaurant in Paris in my opinion, especially if you wanted to seduce a man."

"The Opéra Garnier [Paris Opera] is so stunning. Now they have another, Opéra Bastille, which is supposed to be absolutely fabulous, too. But I love the original. I remember being mesmerized by it, just blown away. I wanted to touch it, to walk down the Grand Staircase and leap. You almost feel like Cinderella. It's old and massive and stunning. Just magnificent."


"I fell in love with Paris after the café au lait and croissant I had the first morning. I went to a little cafe and couldn't speak any French. I just pointed to everything that I wanted. I got that big cup of café au lait and I said, 'Oh, man, this is for me.' For a month, I would just point to food and say, 'Could we have this? Could we have that?' The food is the first thing you have to get down. I love to go to the cafes. They are fabulous. They're coffee shops where you can get a little bit of lunch, a little wine. They've got a bar usually, and you can buy cigarettes and lotto tickets. They're where all the French go to have a coffee in the morning. They're on every street corner. And they're all different. It's always amusing to go and watch the people."