"I'm a member of a golf club called Stoke Park. Its restaurant there, Stoke's Brasserie, is in this gorgeous setting called Stoke Poges, a remnant of the old Windsor Great Park that connected to Windsor Castle. They do fantastic Sunday lunches and very good weekend breaks. In fact, the weekend break that my character takes with Bridget Jones in that film is all set at Stoke Poges. It has a lovely lake that we row on. The golf is really good, too."


"I used to work at Harrods. Twice. I worked in Table Stationery and I worked in Christmas Hampers. I had very little money, and I used to trail through Harrods' food halls with my tongue hanging out like Oliver Twist. … I now know the owner of Harrods, and I feel I actually owe him money. Because the second time I worked at Harrods years and years ago, before he was the owner, I was working in the Christmas Hampers packing department and our boss went away for three weeks. After a couple of days, we decided that we really couldn't be bothered to pack any hampers at all. We'd pack maybe two or three, but we were supposed to do, like, 100 a day. We'd put little surprises in the hampers just to puzzle the person who opened it, like half a packet of cigarettes. We'd sign in and play Frisbee with the tops of the coffee jars for a few hours, then sign ourselves out as if we'd been there until 6 o'clock at night, when in fact it was only midday. I've always been rather ashamed about that. I would like to apologize to Harrods. Mind you, I've spent so much money there over the years, I think I've paid my dues."

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brown's hotel
, very expensive; 011-44-207-493-6020

the dorchester, very expensive; 011-44-207-629-8888