"I'm a big fan of the open spaces. I love Kensington Gardens almost more than anything, with the big round pond there on the Serpentine. It's where I go running. I think it's one of the most beautiful gardens in the world."

"I've always loved the Natural History Museum, both inside and out. It's considered kind of hideous, the worst of English Gothic revival. But I think it's absolutely gorgeous. I used to be taken there as a child to draw all the dinosaurs. I did go to see them the other day and they were still looking good. The National Portrait Gallery is underrated. You don't have to be a big art buff to get some fun out of it, because in a way it's like a Madame Tussaud's, a catalog of famous faces through British history. It's a bit like looking at Hello! magazine, but stretching back for 400 years or more. I also like Tate Britain. Tate Modern is the new one everyone's raving about, but I think Tate Britain is very underrated. There's a fantastic Turner collection there. Leighton House is a charming little museum of the Pre-Raphaelite movement. Lord Leighton was a patron of … late-19th-century British art. This is Leighton's own house. It has an aura of decadence. You could tell they had sort of wild, debauched parties."

"You would have lunch in a pub with a couple of pints, a shepherd's pie, and some baked beans. Delicious. I've been going to Finch's on Fulham Road for 20 years now. Originally, it was one of the few pubs that hadn't been updated and given a theme. It was full of Chelsea eccentrics. It was full of nutters, really; it was a loony pub. And I used to spend all of my time there with my friends. It has, I'm afraid, now been tarted up a bit and is not quite what it was. But I still have a great fondness for it."