"Curry is my comfort food. I like the Star of India on the old Brompton Road. Unlike other Indian restaurants in England, which all have the same kind of look, this has a sort of operatic look to it. There are frescoes of cherubs and things all over the walls and rather extraordinary music. It's sort of high-camp, a fascinating place. There's Assaggi, which is Italian and delicious, above a pub in Notting Hill. I suppose you'd call it 'un-messed-about' Italian. It's not heavy or saucy. I love The Ivy and its sister restaurants, Le Caprice and J. Sheekey's, which is fish. The Ivy is difficult to get in, and I've never been one for going to the hot restaurant. I go to The Ivy because the food there and at the two sister restaurants is completely delicious. In a way it's very traditional British cooking done at its best. If you're into star-watching, The Ivy is a good place to go."

"If you want to go clubbing, I'd go to Attica or a place called Catch. Attica is sort of a dance-on-the-tables place, but a little more 'posey.' Catch is just sort of relatively glamorous. Opposite Catch there's a very good Vietnamese restaurant I've been going to for years called Nam-Long-Le-Shaker. It has a great bar with the most lethal cocktails in England."


"Assuming one had a hangover, I would go for a traditional English breakfast near my house at a place like Vingt-Quatre, which used to be called Up All Night. It's always been a 24-hour restaurant. They do a very good full English breakfast. You'll see a lot of men like yourself, not wanting to talk to anyone else, with their hats pulled down over their eyes, reading the papers."