We sat down with Jonathan Tisch, chairman and CEO, Loews Hotels, and author of The Power of We: Succeeding Through Partnerships, to discuss the finer points of success.

Are partnerships more important now than in the past?
Yes. Today we can’t be all things to all people. It’s important to focus on what you do well and partner with individuals and organizations that can assist you where you don’t have all the assets. Everybody gains.

How has that worked with your hotels?
Very well. Chef Emeril Lagasse has done two great restaurants with us, at our Royal Pacific Resort Hotel in Orlando and our Miami Beach hotel.

You appeared on the TLC show Now Who’s Boss? doing some of your employees’ jobs. What did you learn?
It took me three hours to clean one room; our staff usually does one in 30 minutes. On the front desk, I made the mistake of pointing at a customer. It made me realize all over again that our 7,000 em­ployees are more responsible than I am for our profitability.

Speaking of employees, what is the Loews “10 and five, first and last” rule?
When an employee sees a guest coming within 10 feet, they have to make eye contact within five feet. They then say “Good morning” or “Good evening” and say “Enjoy your visit” as the guest is walking away.