"Seek out people with kind eyes. If you are lucky enough to sitnext to one of them, your trip can be a wonderful experience. Thesepeople invariably make good company. You may meet people who canliterally open your eyes to facets of life you may never haveimagined, had you not met them. My best tip for a smooth trip wouldbe, get your attitude right, live for now, anticipate meeting awonderful person, smile easily, and never be a sourpuss."
- Claude "Don" Clifford
Laser Calibration
Lakehills, Texas

"I thrive on the many different challenges I face. This may begetting a cab when there are few available; changing my agenda on15 minutes' notice when someone unexpectedly cancels a meeting;learning a new colloquial expression in Portuguese and using it forthe first time; trying new menu items at my favorite restaurant inSao Paulo; and, most of all, closing a deal with a company I set mysights on."
- E. Fernando Gonzalez
E.F. Gonzalez & Associates
Boca Raton, Florida

"See yourself as a modern-day explorer. If I go to a coastal city,I try to walk on the beach, not just see it. If I'm in a city witha baseball team playing (even minor league) I make a game, to get afeel for my destination. If I go to a place I've been before, suchas San Francisco, this time I might visit the waterfront of Oaklandor another nearby city. And I always sample the regionalcuisine."
- Phillip Smart
Sales/Sales Management
Gregory, Buhler, Kansas

"Keeping the right attitude and perspective is key. Not everythingis going to go smoothly, that's a fact. You just have to savor thesmall victories and keep a sense of humor to get over the bumps. Abig part of this has to do with teamwork. I like to think of myselfas part of a travel team composed of flights attendants, pilots,and customer service. We depend on each other for ultimate success.I'm sensitive to the logistics of operation and flow with it.Mutual respect goes a long way."
- Glenn Raines
Citicorp Diners Club

"What do I leave at home? I leave my prejudices, my preconceivednotions, my rigidity, and my tension. Travel offers uniqueopportunities to learn. If you eliminate stereotypes and enjoy theprocess of meeting people, you gain insight into yourself. I havemet many wonderful people in totally unrelated fields and withwildly diverging opinions and principles. My business travel hashelped to keep my perspectives open and globally insightful."