On being a Road Warrior couple: "If we're not traveling onbusiness, we're traveling on vacation. We like to scuba dive, andwe travel to Aruba, Cancun, Cozumel, the Cayman Islands, Bahamas,Jamaica, Curaçao, the Florida Keys, Catalina Island. So, ourfavorite thing to do is travel someplace tropical."

Richell Thomson and Tracy Staton are AmericanWay senior editors. Stewart Cohen is a Dallas-basedphotographer whose clients include Quaker Oats and NOKIA. Cohen'swork has earned him over 50 industry awards and has taken him toover forty countries.

We laughed, we cried - these entries moved us. Here's a samplingof the tips and stories that made our 2001 Road Warrior Searchfinalists tops in our eyes.

Out of almost 7,000 entries in four categories, you'd expect thetop finalists to be useful, entertaining, funny, insightful, or allof the above. They were. So good, in fact, that we had to sharewith you some of the best stories, tips, and philosophicaloutpourings from our 2001 Road Warrior Search finalists.

"From the time I switch off my cell phone at the gate and the timethe plane is leveling off, there is nothing much to do. That's whenI practice my take-off maneuver. I sit back, close my eyes, andtransition from a physically active mode to creative thinking modeby achieving a state of conscious slumber. When I awake from thisstate I have come up with some of my best ideas and done some of mybest work on my laptop. I have tried to find rational justificationfor this seemingly 'Yeah, right' phenomenon. I can only say itallows a highly stressed individual like me to achieve thingsnormally impossible in my office on the ground."

- Raj Joshi
Executive/Managerial Category Deloitte Consulting
Coto de Caza, California

"When I first started traveling extensively, my children persuadedme to buy them gifts to make up for being away so much. For mydaughter, we started a collection of dolls dressed in thetraditional garb of the country I visited. For my son I tried tofind unusual souvenirs, sometimes to my wife's displeasure - suchas when my son used the whip I brought back from Argen-tina tochase his younger sister around the house."
- Ronald Gerson
Sales/Sales Management
Solutia Chesterfield, Missouri