I came home, one of them had written on the wall 'I hate Dad.' Sothat made me scrutinize even more when I have to travel. Peopledon't like to travel with me sometimes because I'd rather take the4 a.m. flight than go out the night before and miss a night with myfamily. I like to go, be efficient, and get it done."

Ideal hypothetical seat mate: "I would want to sit next tothe Wright brothers or Mozart … pioneers who came to Plymouth rockor who crossed the country in covered wagons. It'd just be amazingto watch their faces and their enjoyment of the technology."

Favorite travel trends: "The trend toward better seating incoach and more room for business travelers is awfully nice. Theairlines that haven't done that certainly make the bottom of thelist when you're going to book. The other thing that's really niceis electronic ticketing."

On-road interests: "I take those projects that are in boxesat the house and put them in a suitcase, so I have something to doon the road. I like to tie flies and prepare for fishing [he sayshe can whip out a dozen wooly buggers from Phoenix to Dallas]. Ilike to research my family's roots, things I can do on theInternet. I'm a creative traveler, but also a very efficienttraveler."

Runner-Up, Sales/Sales Management Category
Pentacon Aerospace
Director of Business Development
Age: 41
Headquarters: North Richland Hills, Texas
Travel route: all of the U.S. and South America
AAdvantage miles logged in 2000: 67,705

If we had a category for best Road Warrior Couple, Brad and ToniGentry would have been a shoo-in, and we enjoyed Brad's entry andfollow-up interview so much that we had to name him runner-up. Bothof the high-energy, good-looking Gentrys are Platinum AAdvantagemembers who like to travel as much on their off time as they do forwork.

Favorite travel trend: "I'm 6'2", and for me, it's Americanmaking more legroom throughout their fleet."

Fantasy seat mate: "It'd be crowded sitting beside him, butI'd like to find myself seated beside Shaquille O'Neal. It justseems like he's got a tremendous personality, seems to be a funnyguy. I'm a big sports fan. I read about him in American Way, and hejust seems to be a really neat person to know."