Passions, redux: A little red '72 Corvette he's restoringfrom the ground up.

Travel tip: "As soon as I get my bags in the overhead for aninternational flight, I change into a pair of cotton running pantsand a long-sleeved volleyball shirt. This helps me relax and keepsmy clothes in good shape for my arrival."

On maintaining healthy relationships: "My wife, Sheila,travels with me 40 percent of the time. If she's not with me, weknow each other's schedules and call each other twice a day." Healso makes it a priority to stay in touch with his five-year-oldgrandson, Nick, too. "When I travel, I tell him to look on theglobe I bought him and help him find the country I'm in."

Best thing about being on the road: "No doubt, it is thefriendship, the excitement of experiencing so many differentpeople. Over the past year, I've worked harder than I ever have,and yet I have had more fun than anyone could imagine. I have scubadived with manatee; climbed cliffs; attended rugby matches andbaseball, football, and soccer games; bungee jumped; and more. Butthe most important of the experiences has been the opportunity tomake friends all over the planet."

Winner, Technical/Support Category
Manufacturing Development Project Manager
Motorola's Global Telecom Solutions Sector
Age: 35
Headquarters: Chandler, Arizona
Travel route: Phoenix, Dallas/Fort Worth, Seattle, San Jose
AAdvantage miles logged in 2000: 30,335

When Scott Toller talked about his children during a poignantfinalist interview, his stories brought tears to the judges' eyes.Later, we spent time with Toller and his family, and while thisroad warrior obviously takes his other job - Dad - very seriously,he and wife Janelle make parenting five kids look like lots of fun.Before he "got responsible" - his words - he was a fly-fishing andriver guide for four years in Utah. Now he's working to guidecellular phone users onto the Internet at high speeds, via the nextgeneration of cellular network technology, or G3 as it's referredto within the industry.

On being a Road Warrior: "If I'm on the road I have to bethere. I have five small children [Elizabeth (9), Annie (7), Janet(5), Charlie (3), and Isabelle (3 months)]. I've gone through sometough times with that. My kids really didn't want me to leave once.They barricaded the door - they unionized. When