• Buy multiples of travel sizes of toothpaste, shaving cream, andstock at home for replenishing.
• Lighten your load of shampoo/conditioner/soap. If
you're booked in a hotel that doesn't supply these, fire yourtravel agent.

One road essential: "Preprinted address labels for mynieces, nephew, and godchildren so I can dash off postcards betweenflights."

Planes, ferry, and funicular: "I measure the difficulty of atrip by what I call the 'Three Dog Factor' (named for the number ofdogs one needed to keep warm on a cold Alaska night during the GoldRush). The 'Three Dog Factor' is the number of different vehiclesneeded on one day. My worst? Capri to Munich last October. One:baggage cart from hotel to funicular (mountain railway). Two/Three:funicular to dock via taxi. Four: ferry to the other side. Five:bus to airport. Six/Seven: plane to Rome, another to Munich viaairport bus. Eight: train into city. Nine: bus to hotel."

Winner, Professional Specialties/Consulting Category
Millennial Technologies International
Age: 41
Headquarters: Eunice, Louisiana
Travel route: Worldwide, frequently southeast Asia and Europe
AAdvantage miles logged in 2000: 49,542

Jim Parrie's wife, Sheila, calls him the prototypical Type Apersonality. Driven and passionate, he can speak in depth on abroad range of subjects, from education (he is studying theology)to sports cars. His company started out advising manufacturers ofcustom picture frames, and it's grown into an international concernthat helps companies of all stripes - often in remote,underdeveloped locations - polish their marketing skills andstreamline production processes. He's definitely a Type A traveler:His air mileage tripled from 2000 to 2001, to 162,745.

On being a Road Warrior: "I fly every month, a lot ofdomestic, but I fly overseas every month. I carry a complete office- global cellular phone, two laptops with cellular modems, digitalcameras. Anyplace we travel, we can tap into our network. I travela lot to Third World countries where there's no electricity, nophone lines - you have to have the ability to be totally mobile,totally portable, and we do that."

Passions: "My goal is to help people in Third Worldcountries add value to what they do so their economies can come up,to provide food for people, and technology, and teach them how toread so they can get out of these below- minimum-wage jobs."