Travel Tip No. 21: "Noise is more tiring than inactivity. Icarry my own [Bose] noise reduction headphones for flights twohours and longer."

Seating tips: "A row of coach seats is more comfortable forsleeping than a two-class, first class seat. In first class,although I prefer the port-bulkhead window, the best domestic seatsto sleep and have privacy are 6F in the 757, 2A in the A300, 7F inthe 737, and 4J in the 767. For international, the farther to theback, the better."

Mother Nature: "When traveling to and from South America,make sure to sit on the starboard side once in a while. You get tosee the sunset and sunrise."

Winner, Sales/Sales Management Category
Vice President for Marketing and Sales, U.K.,
Europe, Middle East, and Africa
Estée Lauder's Clinique brand
Age: 45
Headquarters: New York and London
Travel route: About a quarter of his time in London, a quarter inManhattan, the remainder throughout much of the world
AAdvantage miles logged in 2000: 42,905

Most road warriors make physical fitness a priority, and thiscollege swimmer is no exception. Road Warrior Scott Creighton hascompeted in triathlons for 15 years; look for him in Sydney,Australia, in November. His favorite triathlon destinations?Amsterdam, London, and France. Between that and his businesstravel, Creighton logged 94,747 air miles in 2001, twice his 2000mileage. Creighton also earned brownie points with the staff andphotographer when we met in London Heathrow's Admirals Club for thephoto shoot - he not only brought product samples but also gave usscoop on how he, at 45, manages to look so youthful (Clinique'sthree steps - cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize - three timesdaily).

Best thing about being a Road Warrior: "Uninterrupted quiettime on transoceanic flights. Pure bliss."

A Traveling Career: "I have been traveling extensively sincemy first job out of college. Since then, having worked for a Frenchcompany (L'Oreal), an Italian company (Benetton), and havingcovered the Asia/Pacific region for Clinique, I have had remarkableopportunities to see the world. I am now on my third passport andready to start my fourth!"

Travel tip: As befitting a cosmetics company executive,Creighton knows a thing or two about traveling with toiletries.Here are a few of his tips for "Dopp Kit Management 101":
• Replenish your kit when you unpack from a trip.