Manuel Rivera began life as an Army brat in Japan, lived in fivedifferent cities by his college years, and immediately embarked ona career living abroad, so he was primed for travel when he startedhitting the road in a serious way about seven years ago. Sincethen, he's made a study of business travel. His Road Warrior entrywas a charming seven-page dissertation on his travel philosophy,and the experiences and techniques that got him there. An engagingconversationalist, he delights in telling stories - he regaled uswith 21 of them - and is equally at home talking about bicycles,Latin dance, Puerto Rican music, and his international winecollection. When it comes to travel tips, Rivera is equallyforthcoming: We counted 35 on his entry, and he e-mailed us moreafter he was chosen as our winner. "I have more stories and tips,"Rivera promised us when he first wrote, "but I would be writing forhours and make a book." If our experience with him was anyindication, Rivera could just write a bestseller.

On being a Road Warrior: "It is a different perspective whenthe territory is vast and the world is the playground. I haveenjoyed seeing the world from Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego to theMagellan Strait and Cape Horn, all the way up to Prudhoe Bay. Fromthe Bosporus to the Galápagos, Machu Picchu to Christchurch,through Zurich and Konstanz to the Great Sabana and Okinawa, fromthe Caribbean to most of the U.S.A. To experience and know the bestrestaurants in the world, the various currencies and roads, thepeople, their habits, their stories, histories, views, culture,their social and political atmosphere, is fascinating and a trueprivilege."

Action Adventure, Road Warrior style: "I flew to LAX in themorning for an early afternoon meeting and was planning to returnthat evening on the red-eye. I finished my meeting early and wasmaking business calls from my cell phone, when a prospect agreed tomeet me that afternoon in San Diego. We decided to go for it andsped to San Diego in our rental car, met the prospect, drove to theSan Diego airport, returned the car, took a commuter flight back toLAX, and made the red-eye back to Boston. All arranged on a cellfrom the car."

Exercise made easier: "I travel with workout clothes andhave bicycles (I love riding) in Belmont, Massachusetts, a suburbof Boston where I live; Miami; and Puerto Rico."

Travel Tip No. 17: "I have a traveling 'uniform' thatdoesn't wrinkle easily and loafers I can take off during the flight(the waistline and feet always swell)."