Sometimes it is easy to guess what the purple-haired, multiple-pierced guy will be grabbing at baggage claim ... a guitar case plastered with band stickers. Or the lady with the green polka-dotted dress ... she’ll probably scoop up the big, flashy, flower-printed suitcase.

But the best surprises come when you see something unlikely ... like the slick, corporate, James Bond look-alike ... reaching for a pink, plaid duffel bag.”

— Tom Murphy
DDB Needham Chicago

“The mobility of the road almost guarantees a higher level of play. Business travel brings a continuous influx of talented people, new ideas, and innovative applications that hone one’s flexibility and capability. I like the synergy of being around other travelers. The air terminal is full of others who are fully engaged in their work, in their vacations, in life.”
— Mark D. Cunningham
Clinical and forensic psychologist
Abilene, Texas

“The best thing about being on the road is the probability of meeting interesting people who are, as yet, unmet.”
— F. S. Lentz
Sales/Sales Management
Volvo Aero Engineering Services
San Antonio, Texas

“The observation of someone else’s coming- home day is one of the single best things about being on the road. There are emotional, human dramas played out at every arrival gate. One such coming-home sticks in my mind. Two twin girls no older than five, holding hands and dressed in exactly the same pajamas, watched me as I walked up the ramp, yet they were clearly looking beyond me, or perhaps through me. Each passenger had to sidestep the girls to enter the gate. I never saw them blink. I’m not sure they took a breath. Passenger after passenger deplaned and there was no change, no burst of recognition. Finally, there was a long pause in the exodus. Had the object of their love missed his or her flight? Then suddenly, they were gone, as if the jetway inhaled them. When they emerged moments later, they were new creatures: laughing, kissing, smiling, jumping. It was Mommy. And she was the captain.”
— Kevin Reynolds
ADAC Laboratories
Evans, Georgia