Mission: Find the ultimate Road Warriors
Entries: Almost 7,000
Categories: Four
Requirements: Share travel tips, favorites, and roadstories.
The rewards: One Lincoln Navigator, Three European AAVacations
The winners: Read on!
Total AA miles traveled by winners in 2001: 487,280

When we asked you to share your travel experiences with usin
the American Way-Lincoln Road Warrior Search it was a little likethrowing a party for a list of mystery guests. We wanted thiscontest to find the globe's most engaging, interesting, and activebusiness travelers to be fun for readers. We had many of the sameanxieties - What if no one participates? What if the guests turnout to be dull? What if we forget an important detail? - and thesame kind of jittery, sweaty-palmed excitement.

What a party it turned out to be. Almost 7,000 of you showed upwith the kind of stories that make lively cocktail conversation(which our families and friends soon discovered, when we told RoadWarrior stories to them ad nauseam). We heard from musicians and aprofessional horsewoman; sole proprietors and executives ofmegacorporations; a solar energy expert, a forensic psychologist,and a professional racecar spotter. We discovered more than a fewamateur philosophers among you, and found out that there are asmany tips and tricks for managing life on the road as there arebusiness travelers.

On the following pages, you'll meet our Road Warrior of the year,who took home a Lincoln Navigator, and three other winners, who wonEuropean trips from AA Vacations. You'll also learn about onewinner's family, which we thought deserved kudos as much as thetraveler himself, and a Road Warrior couple we wanted you to meet.And you'll read excerpts from the remaining 15 finalists. We thinkyou'll agree that these 20 Road Warriors would be welcome additionsto any guest list.

If you're not among the names listed, don't worry. Beginning inMay, you'll have another chance, with the launch of oursecond-annual American Way Road Warrior Search.

Overall Winner, from Executive/Managerial Category
Strategic Alliance Executive
Business Innovation Services, Latin America
IBM Global Services
Age: 40
Headquarters: Belmont, Massachusetts
Travel route: All of Latin America and the Caribbean, plus theU.S.
AAdvantage miles logged in 2000: 137,477