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There’s nothing better than when form and function come together in perfect harmony. Example: Animal Blueprint Company’s American Mutt portraits. Whether you’re the type of person who truly considers your dog to be man’s best friend (i.e., your canine is as human as the person sitting next to you at the movie theater) or you just enjoy watching those types of dog owners interact adoringly with their pooches, you can’t deny the appeal of these charming prints. The company, which models its portraits after vintage 1950s architecture blueprints, boasts 100-plus breed-specific dog prints and 10 feline versions, and the American Mutt series is its newest — and in our opinion, its greatest — addition. It was inspired by the artist’s (Robert Redding) own adoption experience with his mutt, Maddie. The portraits are all exquisitely handcrafted on museum-quality archival paper and offer details and traits such as origin, history, coat and temperament of that particular breed. In the case of the mutt-specific print, if ever you’ve owned a mixed breed, never have these words rung more true: “… The great American family dog. Mother may have been a bit of a lady, father a bit of a tramp. Temperament: Intelligent, friendly and eager to please, happy to be a part of the family that rescued it. … Loves car rides, running in the park and chasing a ball or Frisbee. Has been known to chew up furniture, shoes and socks.” Of course, you might be wondering about the functional part of the experience — a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each American Mutt print goes to local animal shelters. From $110 (custom orders for specific pets are also available), www.animalblueprintcompany.com