Good Books and Good Listening
By Jorge Ramos, Rayo/HarperCollins, $24.95

Emmy Award-winning Ramos, called “Hispanic TV’s number-one correspond-ent and key to a huge voting bloc” by The Wall Street Journal, presents a captivating look into the role of Mexican immigrants in shaping the United States’ future.

OUR READ: A plus for cultural awareness
By Stephen Frey, Ballantine, $24.95

The addictive world of point-and-click stock market trading takes on a lethal new dimension in this riveting thriller from The New York Times bestselling author of The Insider and Trust Fund. Day trader Augustus McKnight wants a better life, and he gets it in the form of a shrewd investment payoff and $1 million in life insurance from his brutally murdered, cheating wife.

OUR READ: A frolic with bulls, bears, and other beasts

by susan minot, knopf, $18

a new work of fiction by the bestselling author of evening that uses a single interlude — a brief encounter of two old lovers — to examine the nature of romantic love, sex, and the life of the mind.

our read: poses an interesting question, are some things best left to fond memory?
the river’s tale: a year on the mekong
by edward a. gargan, knopf, $26.95

gargan, who writes on asia for newsday and has reported from africa, china, hong kong, and southeast asia for the new york times, takes readers on a personal trek through the beautiful and mysterious soul of the mekong as it winds through the past and present of china, tibet, burma, laos, thailand, cambodia, and vietnam.

our read: a journey worth taking