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Manhattan Midtown’s Library Hotel

If you like to bury your nose in a good book, then keep reading, because you’re sure to enjoy the following:

Manhattan Midtown’s Library Hotel (from $225, www.libraryhotel.com) features 10 guestroom floors, each devoted to one of the major categories in the Dewey decimal system — such as philosophy, tech and religion.
Oregon’s Sylvia Beach Hotel (from $70, www.sylviabeachhotel.com) is a haven for bibliophiles, with 20 guest rooms named for famous authors (including Melville and Poe). Its third-floor library overlooks the ocean.

YourNextRead.com helps you select books based on those you’ve already enjoyed. Type a title, author or keyword into the search engine, and a web of related texts based on Amazon user recommendations appears on-screen.

German publisher Hamburger Auto–matenverlag is transforming old cigarette vending machines into automatic book dispensers stocked with local lit, including graphic novels and poetry. Look for them near the University of Hamburg. $5, www.automatenverlag.de

Just outside Budapest, Hungary, Gyopar offers patrons a selection of books as well as pints. Walls of the Communist-era pub are lined with more than 1,000 titles, and the protocol is simple: Replace whatever tome you select with another from your own collection.

Argentine artist Raul Lemesoff has created the Weapon of Mass Instruction, a 1979 Ford Falcon tank that he maneuvers along the streets outside Buenos Aires as he distributes free reads. In Chicago, Gabriel Levinson sets up his custom-built tricycle and mobile library, Book Bike, in city parks on the weekends. Books are free, though Levinson uses donations to purchase more books from small and independent bookstores. www.bookbike.org