A giant, 770-pound rendering of a Leica camera by artist Liao Yibai greets customers at the stores entrance.
David Kafer

There’s nothing like a Leica, the ic­onic German-made camera known for its crisp photos and chic design. And there’s nothing like the LEICA STORE AND GALLERY LOS ANGELES, a unique retail shop, event space and gallery all rolled into one. When the 8,000-square-foot space opened in West Hollywood this summer, the red-carpet crowd turned up in full force. Seal and Marcia Cross were there. So were Nikki Sixx and Russell Simmons. All the hubbub and the headliners underscored a point: This is no ordinary place to shop. Of course, you can find the full range of Leica products, from the tiny, powerful V-Lux 4 to the innovative Leica M Monochrom, a futuristic digital camera that’s ideal for snapping pictures in throwback black-and-white. But the Leica storefront offers more than merchandise. The stylish locale doubles as a lifestyle destination, built around a brand whose lengthy list of loyalists includes Jude Law, Daniel Craig and Brad Pitt. In addition to cameras and accessories, the store sells books on photography; offers printing, repair and equipment-rental services; and stages photo exhibitions and cultural events in its soaring gallery and expansive outdoor space. The store is also a hub for the Leica Akademie North America, a national education program that organizes hands-on photography workshops throughout the year in major cities across the country. Like the cameras themselves, the workshops are designed to enrich the work of photographers of all stripes, professionals and amateur enthusiasts. 8783 Beverly Blvd., www.leicastorela.com