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Vegetables: the other, other white meat — if you’re a vegetarian, anyway. Regardless of your food-group leanings, though, you can’t help but enjoy these havens for herbivores across the nation.

 — Becca Hensley

Sage’s Cafe, Salt Lake City
Flip out over faux escargot and artisan-crust pizza at Sage’s Cafe, where award-winning chef Ian Brandt infuses art into every aspect of his culinary preparation. Plus, using yield from his own garden and local organic ingredients, Brandt has made sure that his wind-powered café is green in every way.
473 East 300 South (Broadway),
(801) 322-3790, www.sagescafe.com

Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant, Boulder, Colorado
Sip enviro-friendly wine and organic vodka martinis at Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant, located just off Boulder’s hip Pearl Street mall. This global-fare-focused eatery offers dishes such as artichoke guacamole, heirloom tomato Caprese, Jamaican jerk tempeh, and harissa eggplant in sophisticated, tranquil digs.
2010 16th Street, (303) 442-1485, www.leafvegetarianrestaurant.com

Green Zebra, Chicago
Offering a contemporary setting and dedicated to the celebration of the five senses and a slower pace, Green Zebra thrills with its heady five-course tasting menu, which features seasonal specialties like a crisp chickpea pancake with toasted pine nuts, basil, and marinated radishes.
1460 West Chicago Avenue, (312) 243-7100, www.greenzebrachicago.com

Millennium Restaurant, San Francisco
The granddaddy of upscale vegetarian dining, the swanky Millennium, located within the Hotel California on Union Square, awakens even the most die-hard carnivore’s inner herbivore. With Vermeer-like tile on the floor, a zinc bar, and faux-lizard-leather upholstery, this mecca matches its aesthetic elegance with elaborate dishes like edamame gnocchi and stuffed-truffle roulade.
580 Geary Street, (415) 345-3900, www.millenniumrestaurant.com

Real Food Daily, Santa Monica
A cult following flocks to this tasty restaurant to gobble up Ann Gentry’s ingenious seasonal vegan comfort food. A celebrity favorite, this diva of the meatless serves up delicacies like TV Dinner: a baked loaf of tempeh with mashed potatoes, vegetables, and gravy.
514 Santa Monica Boulevard, (310) 451-7544, www.realfood.com

Candle 79, New York
A veggie hangout worthy of the Upper East Side, Candle 79 is the more sophisticated sister of already famous vegetarian café the Candle. The chic bi-level restaurant, with floor-to-ceiling windows, offers unbelievably delicious vegan dishes. Try a seaweed salad and the pumpkin-crusted seitan paired with a kosher Chardonnay.
154 East 79th Street, (212) 537-7179, www.candlecafe.com