We’ve already gotten cozy with the Fuzzy Navel, so it’s now time to nuzzle up to a Green Bellybutton. As with most great cocktails, this was invented by happenstance. “A party of people asked me one night to make them something special,” says Joanne Bondy, chef-partner at the hot Ciudad Restaurant in Dallas (3888 Oak Lawn, Suite #135; 214-219-3141). “I took our basic margarita recipe, poured a little Herradura Blanco and Grand Marnier on the bottom, then topped it off with Midori liqueur. But as I brought the Midori bottle spout to the glass, it just tipped the rim and a little splotch hit the center of the drink, which I thought made it look like a green bellybutton. The people loved it, and the next day one of the guys sent me a thank-you note with a dozen roses. Now it’s our signature drink.

green bellybutton
1 oz. fresh lime juice
1/2 oz. fresh orange juice
1 oz. herradura blanco
1/2 oz. grand marnier
1/4 oz. cointreau
2 tsp. sugar
midori melon liqueur

in a blender mix the lime juice, orange juice, herradura blanco, grand marnier, cointreau and sugar; then, add sufficient ice to make a frozen margarita. top off the drink with a dot of midori in the center and garnish with a lime wheel.