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Not thrilled with your life experiences etched across your complexion in the form of expression lines, crow’s-feet, and splotchy pigmentation? Luckily, reentry to the demographic of the dewy can be had with laser and light therapies that deliver immediate results.


Red Light LED Therapy, $500 per session To prep starlets for their close-ups, Sonya Dakar’s red-light therapy regenerates skin and stimulates collagen production by boosting cellular metabolism. Strategic blasts of LED (light-emitting diodes) are delivered to the face and neck. Increased blood flow and oxygen evens out skin tone and plumps fine lines and wrinkles.
Get It: Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic; 9975 Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California; (310) 553-7344; www.sonyadakarskinclinic.com

, $800 to $1,750 per session Hit the “reset” button with ReFirme, a dual radio frequency and infrared-light therapy that jumpstarts collagen production. A handheld device with a cooling tip (painlessly) deep-heats the dermis, causing the collagen to contract and the skin to tighten. A drooping jaw line and sagging neck are lifted, pore size decreases, and wrinkles are smoothed. Tightening is seen after one treatment, but optimal results are achieved with a four-session series.
Get It: Laser Solutions Skincare Medical Clinic; 416 North Bedford Drive, Suite 100, Beverly Hills, California; (310) 550-5566; www.lasersolutions90210.com // Dr. Neil Sadick; 911 Park Avenue, New York; (212) 772- 7242; www.sadickdermatology.com

Laser Genesis for Eyes and Lips
, $110 each A celebrity-studded waiting room speaks to Kate Somerville’s ability to give collagen the come-hither. To treat the eyes and lips, a handheld laser device (held half an inch from the target area) delivers gentle pulses, which heats the dermis and causes collagen to contract. The result? A plumper pout and eyes with dramatically reduced bags and crow’s-feet.
Get It: Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts; 8428 Melrose Place, Suite E, Los Angeles; (323) 655-7546; www.katesomerville.com

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
, $300 For pigmentation issues (sun damage, birthmarks, age spots), rosacea, blotchiness, and overall improvement of skin tone, IPL remains the gold standard of treatment. The skin is numbed (on request), and a handheld device directs a pulse that looks like an old-school flash bulb (and feels like the snap of a rubber band if you forgo the numbing) to the target areas. Redness dissipates within a few hours, and excess pigmentation flakes off within days.
Get It: Dr. Steve Dayan; 845 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago; (312) 335-2070; www.drdayan.com

What You Should Be Doing at Home

“The new generation of antiaging products are cosmeceuticals; [they] combat aging with advanced bioactive components and potent antioxidants,” explains Neil Sadick, MD, a clinical professor of dermatology at Weill Cornell Medical College. “A successful program should include a morning regime featuring broad-spectrum sunblock and a long-acting moisturizer. Stimulate cellular turnover in the evening with alpha hydroxy, hydroquinone acids, and retinoids.”

1 Kinara Nighttime Skin Quencher
, $60 A rich, antioxidant-filled (green tea, vitamin E, grape seed) cream that nourishes depleted skin. www.kinaraspa.com

2 Revaléskin Replenishing Eye Therapy
, $80 Contains super-antioxidant coffeeberry that decreases under-eye puffiness and smooths crow’s-feet. www.revaleskin.com

3 Olay Regenerist DNA Superstructure UV Cream
, $25 Tightens, firms, and protects the skin with Palmitoyl peptides; vitamins B, E, and C; and broad-spectrum sunscreen. www.olay.com

4 Kate Somerville’s Hydrakate Line Release Face Serum
, $150 Hydrates and plumps the skin with a blend of peptides and collagen builders like hyaluronic acid. www.katesomerville.com