instrumental album). They do it all without speaking, instead using tribal drumming, paint, and visual effects to loop you into pure performance art (this is literal; if you're sitting in the front rows, you'll be wearing plastic). Inventive and fun, Blue Man Group is the show to book for your more hot-shot clients, those who take a little more than showgirls and live tigers to be impressed.
Tip: If your clients are still fired up after the show and want to carry on into the wee hours, head over to the hotel's nightclub Ra, where the performances in Blue Man Group will seem positively tame as the night wears on.

What: "O"
Where: Bellagio; (888) 488-7111,
Tickets: $90 & $110
Even if you're lucky enough to see Cirque du Soleil's "O" several times, you'll still find yourself focusing on an aspect of the show that you hadn't clued into before. It's pure poetry in motion, featuring more than 80 athlete-artists, including acrobats, gymnasts, synchronized swimmers, and a 10- piece orchestra. "O" is, phonetically, eau, which is French for water, and the show literally takes place in, on, and above it. Says writer and director Franco Dragone, who created 10 of Cirque du Soleil's past productions, "O" is an homage to the theater, the place where we try to entertain all of humanity."
If this goal sounds lofty, see it and become a believer. It is one of the finest productions in the world, and certainly among the most inventive and well-orchestrated.
Tip: Try to secure dinner reservations at chef Julian Serrano's award-winning Picasso (six weeks out is standard); if you can't, try Todd English's Olives or Michael Mina's Aqua. Pre- or post-show cocktails can be had at the Bellagio's Fontana Lounge, which has a beautiful view of the fountain show after dark.