Las Vegas' world-class entertainment options are anything but a gamble. And, for those of you headed to Glitter Gulch for COMDEX or other business, now's the time to make sure you've got the winning tickets.
You're one of thousands who converge on Las Vegas for the city's largest convention, COMDEX, next month. But as important as your daytime activities at the annual IT mega-marketplace are to next year's business, everyone knows that it's what happens after-hours that most often cements the relationship and secures the deal. If you're in the middle of scheduling your nocturnal agenda, you've probably already discovered that the problem in Vegas isn't choice; it's too much choice. Not to mention the fact that the hottest tickets need to be snapped up as soon as possible because you're competing for space with all the other techies and the throngs of regular visitors. To stack the deck in your favor, we've taken the guesswork out of planning your evenings out, and believe us, the research was grueling. Here's a short list of the best big-show entertainment options, and just for fun, we've thrown in a few insider tips to make your nights on the town, er, "business meetings," a smashing success.

What: Blue Man Group
Where: Luxor, (800) 557-7428,
Tickets: $65 & $75
Sure, just about anything's possible in a city like Las Vegas, but Blue Man Group even pushes those limits. The three blue-headed fellows made tracks from off-Broadway to Las Vegas last year, and have been popping up ever since in the national media (Intel ads) and on the mainstream stage (they were nominated for a Grammy last year for best pop