Q: I’m a very fit 48-year-old who has worked out since high school. I run, hike, and lift weights four to five times per week. It seems no matter how hard I workout or how much I diet, I never can see my abs. Tell me if it is possible for a man my age to have a six-pack. — MIKE C., DALLAS
Don’t rely on working off the extra weight. You can add a healthy meal, go on a walk, do some push-ups, et cetera, but to achieve a six-pack and maintain it requires more. The big question is: How much are you willing to sacrifice? This means never missing meals; preparing healthy foods such as chicken breast, turkey, fish, vegetables, rice, beans, and potatoes; having real food and protein drinks with you at all times (think handy single-servings and top-quality nutrition bars you can pack in your carry-on). Also, you’ll need to reduce your carbohydrate intake after 5 p.m., keep eating out to a minimum, and when you do, get used to ordering your meals steamed or dry, with sauces on the side. Cheating, late-night binge eating, and popcorn at the movie theaters should become a distant memory. The results will speak for themselves.