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If you pedal like Lance Armstrong and plant like Johnny Appleseed, you’re the perfect candidate for the 20th annual STIHL Tour des Trees, a weeklong bike ride with an eco-friendly twist: Its aim is to raise money for arboreal research and education in order to find better ways to propagate and care for urban trees. Every year since 1992, the Tour has visited a different destination around the world; this August, it will be Stateside to traverse Oregon on a 585-mile route that takes cyclists through vineyards, rain forests and high desert, up the slopes of Mount Hood and through the valleys of the Columbia River Gorge.

Along the way, participants will stop to plant trees and offer tree-education programs to kids. Those unprepared to spend a week on a seat can take part instead in a one-day recreational ride that coincides with the Tour’s final leg and concludes with a 20th-anniversary celebration at Portland’s Laurelhurst Park, site of the 2012 International Tree Climbing Championships. www.stihltourdestrees.org